The ideal candidate is focused full-time on their craft, has demonstrated experience, and has a vision for their own progress.



Free 24/7 access to Assemble Sound recording studios and rehearsal space


Hands-on critique and professional development with other artist residents and Assemble Sound staff


Access to exclusive resident programming led by industry professionals

The Purpose

We believe that the most valuable thing an artist can do for their work and career is find and participate in constructive creative communities. Assemble Sound has always tried to facilitate that in our studio space and our primary vehicle for doing so is our artist residency program. Besides access to the studios, the program aims to give residents access to more people, knowledge, and resources that they can leverage to become better artists and music business owners. Our hope is that artist residents leave the program with a lot of music created, a deeper understanding of their work, and more familiarity with the broader music industry.

The Goals

To work with world class artists who are motivated to take their craft to the next level

To cultivate a studio space that is both musically and culturally diverse

To connect great songs with commercial sync opportunities to the benefit of artists, Assemble, and clients alike

Resident Tracks

1. ARTISTS - Performing artists (singers, rappers, etc) who perform live and release songs

2. PRODUCERS - Those who work with artists and songwriters to make music and arrange songs

3. SONGWRITERS - People who write songs for themselves and other artists


Residency Requirements:

DEDICATION TO PRACTICE: Residency participants are expected to be working on site no less than 30 hours per week. These hours are flexible (nights and weekends acceptable) as long as every session is tracked and logged.

FEEDBACK: Artist residents meet monthly with Studio Director and Program Manager to establish artist goals and measure progress. Residents will also engage in bi-weekly collaborative Song Reviews with their cohort, Assemble Sound staff and Studio Manager.

COMMUNITY: Assemble Sound is an intentional community. Our residency program is designed to reflect that. While we expect a dedication to your own craft, we also expect that to be coupled with a dedication to collaborating with and supporting your fellow residents.

EDUCATION: Attend all Workshops, Industry Expert Dinners, and monthly Assemble U events as well as all Song Reviews during residency.

CARE OF SPACE: Artist residents are expected to collectively keep the building organized, safe, and clean. Negligence will not be tolerated.

PROFESSIONALISM: Assemble Sound is a work space. Show up on time and ready to work.


The 2019 residency will last for 8 months from January 6 - August 1.

let’s make some great music.